Moravský kras. Průvodce Josefovským a Křtinským údolím

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Published: 2019
Pages: 347
Format: 16 × 23 cm
Binding: paperback
Subject: Geology
ISBN: 978-80-210-8742-2

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Morava v době ledové

Moravian Karst. A guidebook to Josefov valley and Křtiny valley

Rudolf Musil

Interdisciplinary guidebook to the unique terrain between Adamov in the west and Křtiny in the east points out the attractions from various fields, both natural and social sciences. Josefovské and Křtinské valleys are unique landscape phenomena; thanks to the study of them we can better understand the long development of the Moravian Karst. The knowledgeable and authentic text written by the collective of expert presents the latest information complemented by a number of photographs, maps and tables.

Rudolf Musil is an internationally renowned quaternary palaeontologist and geologist. His remarkable scientific career is mainly connected with the Moravian Museum and Masaryk University, where he works at the Department of Geological Sciences of the Faculty of Science. During his life he specialised in various disciplines; the subject of his research was, for example, the development of species and changes of communities in the Pleistocene, biostratigraphic and ecostratigraphic problems, taphonomy and biostratonomy, migration and first traces of domestication, systematics and evolution of the genus Equus and the genus Ursus, paleoecological and paleobiological issues, Quaternary geology, cave history of the Moravian Karst, nature protection or application of geological sciences in museology. He is the author of more than three hundred professional publications, including 17 monographs and professional books, which have been published in the Czech Republic and in eleven other countries in Europe and America. He contributed to the popularization of science with dozens of magazine articles and participation in the preparation of television programs at home and abroad. 

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