Masaryk University Principles of Publishing Activities

Masaryk University Directive No. 6/2008

(in the version effective from 11 February 2019)

In accordance with Section 10, paragraph 1 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on Modification and Amendment of Other Acts (the Higher Education Act), as later amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”), I issue this Directive:

Article 1

Introductory Provisions

This Directive regulates the principles of the management and performance of publishing activities of Masaryk University (MU) as one of the main activities of MU.

Article 2

Basic Principles

  1. Publishing activities of MU are performed according to the principle of subsidiarity:
    1. The MU Munipress Publishing House (MUPH),
    2. faculties and other parts of MU.
  2. Book and magazine production is published under the name of Masaryk University. This carries the emblem of Munipress, as well as that of the faculty or other component that ensured its publication.
  3. For foreign language editions, the publisher's name in the form of Masaryk University Press is used.
  4. The book and magazine production of MU is published in one university series of ISBN and ISSN and DOI.
  5. The editorial boards of faculties and parts approve individual works for publication.
  6. Individual works are usually reviewed, undergoing professional, language and editorial editing.
  7. Scientific editors and editorial boards are appointed for individual editions, and guarantee the professional quality of the published works.
  8. A responsible editor is appointed for each publication, who guarantees adherence to the accepted principles for publishing the relevant edition.
  9. The graphic and typographic form respects the principles of the MU Unified Visual Style.
  10. License agreements under the directive on intellectual property are concluded on behalf of MU by the head of the economic unit where the work originated. A copy of the concluded license agreement is provided by the MUPH economic unit for archiving in the database of licenses of MU literary works held at the MUPH.
  11. Relations between MU components under this Directive are by mutual agreement.

 Article 3

Content of Editions

  1. In particular, MU publishes in printed and/or electronic form the following types of publication:
    1. Non-periodical:
      1. teaching texts,
      2. monographs and collections of collective monographs,
      3. textbooks (original and in translation),
      4. conference proceedings,
      5. popular science publications.
    2. Periodical:
      1. magazines,
      2. proceedings ("false periodicals").
  2. Publishing is funded by the MUPH, faculties or other components, or by external entities.
  3. The funds managed by the MUPH may be used to cover:
    1. non-periodical publications according to the university part of the MU Editorial Plan,
    2. periodical publications of an interdisciplinary nature, if it affects the scope of more than one part of MU, or it is a periodical publication published within the framework of cooperation between MU and a professional association on the basis of a contract,
    3. periodical publications in which MU is interested in maintaining a historically or otherwise particularly important title.

Article 4

Management of Editorial Activities

      1. The management of editorial activities at MU is carried out by the management staff responsible for this pursuant to the MU Organisational Regulations, the MUPH Organisational Regulations or according to the Organisational Regulations of the relevant MU component.
      2. The MU Editorial Board has been established to coordinate editorial activities and care for their development at MU, and their rules of procedure are attached as Appendix No. 1. The president and other members of the MU Editorial Board are appointed and recalled by the Rector in such a way that the relevant parts of MU are represented.
      3. The main tool for managing editorial activities at MU is the MU Publishing Plan (Article 5), the preparation and implementation of which is coordinated by the director of the MUPH.

Article 5

Publishing Plan

  1. The MU Publishing Plan is compiled annually to include:
    1. a university-wide section, which mainly includes interdisciplinary and inter-faculty publications for the academic and general publics,
    2. partial publishing plans of individual parts of MU.
  2. Suggestions for the MU Publishing Plan are accepted by the director of the MUPH according to the instructions of the chair of the MU Editorial Board. The selection of titles for the MU Publishing Plan is preceded by professional and economic evaluation, which is provided by the MUPH for the university-wide part.
  3. MU Editorial Board
    1. proposes to the Rector for approval of the university part of the MU Publishing Plan,
    2. approves the publishing plans of MU constituents.

Article 6

Publishing of publications and duties of the MUPH

  1. The MUPH provides the approved MU Publishing Plan in the extent of its university-wide part. Upon agreement with another MU component, the MUPH may take over the provision of a partial edition plan for such a part or individual titles included in it, with the possibility of co-publishing with an external publishing house.
  2. MUPH provides:
    1. ISBN assignment and related agenda management
    2. allocation of DOI and related agenda management,
    3. for new titles of periodicals registration at the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, ISSN assignment,
    4. conclusion of license agreements for works of the university part of the MU Publishing Plan,
    5. basic publications, methodological and consulting activities,
    6. distribution of compulsory copies and fulfilment of the obligation to offer pursuant to Act No. 37/1995 Coll., on Non-periodical Publications and Act No. 46/2000 Coll., on Rights and Obligations in the Periodical Press and on Amendment to Some Other Acts (Press Act),
    7. archiving publications:
      1. in printed form - four internal obligatory copies (one for the university archive, one for the MU library collection and two for the MUPH archive)
      2. in electronic version:
        1. inserting employee works into the MU Repository in the form of imprinted, printed data,
        2. to the library of the University Library for people with special needs.
    8. presentation, marketing, sales and distribution of publications based on agreement with the relevant MU component.

Article 7

Final Provisions

      1. This Directive repeals Rector's Directive No. 6/2008 - Principles of Publishing Activities of Masaryk University, dated 16 December 2008, in effect from 1 January 2009.
      2. I authorise the director of the MUPH to interpret the various provisions of this Directive.
      3. This Directive falls within the area of methodological management 'Publishing Activities'.
      4. The director of communications is responsible for monitoring compliance with this Directive.
      5. This Directive comes into force on signing.
      6. This Directive comes into effect on 11 February 2019.


Appendices: No. 1 Activities and Rules of Procedure of the Editorial Board of Masaryk University

Mikuláš Bek 

Appendix No. 1 - MU Directive No. 6/2008

Activities and Rules of Procedure of the Publishing Board of Masaryk University

Article 1

Introductory Provisions

The Publishing Board of Masaryk University (PB) has been established to coordinate publishing activities and care for their development at MU.

Article 2

Membership of the Publishing board

  1. The president and other members of the PB are appointed and removed by the MU Rector.
  2. The members of the PB are representatives of individual parts of MU and possibly other personalities. Proposals for appointment are submitted to the Rector by the Vice-rector responsible for publishing activities of MU, on the recommendation of the deans of faculties, heads of departments, and the Scientific Board of MU and the Academic Senate of MU, or at his own discretion.
  3. The PB shall consist of the following members:
    1. Chair of the PB (Vice-rector responsible for MU publishing),
    2. Vice-chair of the PB (representing the chair in absentia),
    3. Secretary (director of the MU Publishing House),
    4. scientific editors of MU Editions,
    5. other PB members.
  4. In the absence of a member, the PB meeting may be attended, with the right to vote, by a representative delegated by the relevant part of MU, who is informed in a qualified manner about the issues discussed.
  5. The term of office of PB is indefinite.
  6. The list of PB members is published on the MU website.

Article 3

Powers of the Publishing board

  1. The PB acts as a scientific editor. It takes care of the quality of the published works and the quality of the review process. It respects the standards of scientific publication in journals and monographs. It contributes to the overall evaluation of MU research and development results.
  2. At its meetings, the PB focuses primarily on the following areas of publishing activity:
    1. building up of the authorial background and overall development of MU Publishing
    2. protection of intellectual property (copyright relations, licensing policy, employees’ works, etc.),
    3. review proceedings,
    4. editorial, graphic and typographic processing of works,
    5. citation analysis, representation in index databases (e.g. ERIH, EBSCO, ISI, etc.), support for student publishing activities,
      financing of publishing activities,
      pricing, marketing and distribution.
  3. The PB establishes working groups for each area as necessary.
  4. The PB discusses and prepares the university part of the Publishing Plan for approval by the Rector of MU.
    1. Proposals for publications for the university-wide publishing plan are accepted by the MUPH:
      1. from external authors through a permanent call on the publishing house's website,
      2. on the basis of proposals of individual faculties,
      3. directly from authors - university staff - through faculty publishing officers.
    2. The MUPH evaluates individual proposals on the basis of a multi-criteria analysis, which includes, inter alia, the balance sheet, interdisciplinary and inter-faculty overlap in internal proposals, compatibility of the title with the existing Publishing Plan and previous plans, contents of individual editions etc.
    3. Titles with a positive evaluation from the MUPH are included as a point of discussion of the Publishing Board for discussion and approval of their inclusion in the university-wide Publishing Plan.
  5. The PB approves the editorial plans of the faculties and constituents, which have been approved in advance by the faculty and constituent publishing boards.
  6. The PB sets up the Editorial Boards for MU Editions as required. These editions are set out in an annex to these Rules of Procedure, which is continuously updated by the Publishing Board.
  7. Editorial boards usually consist of three members. The activities of the editorial boards are managed by scientific editors. The proposal for appointment as a member of the Publishing Board is submitted to the Publishing Board by the chairman of the PB on the recommendation of the deans of faculties, directors of parts or the Scientific Board of MU and the Academic Senate of MU, or at his own discretion.
  8. Editorial Boards propose the content of individual editions, propose reviewers of works and submit plans for MU Editions to be discussed and approved by the PB.

Article 4

Meetings and Voting of the Publishing Board

  1. The meetings of the PB shall be convened by the chair of the PB as necessary, but at least twice a year.
  2. The PB shall have a quorum if a majority of its members are present.
  3. The PB shall act by a vote. At least a two-thirds majority of the members present shall be required for the decision to be valid.
  4. The PB may vote by electronic mail. Voting takes place as follows: The chair of the PB shall send to the members of the PB by e-mail a form containing a motion for a resolution on the matter and shall state the deadline for voting. The members of the PB shall send completed forms within the prescribed period to the PB secretary. Forms sent after the deadline are excluded. Voting is carried out with the words 'I agree with the proposal', 'I do not agree with the proposal' or 'I abstain'. The motion for a resolution shall be adopted if it is approved by a majority of all PB members. The chair shall then inform the members of the PB of the result of the vote.
  5. Electronic voting shall be organised by the secretary of the PB with the authorisation of the chair.
  6. The minutes of the PB meeting shall be recorded by the PB secretary, which shall be verified by the chair of the PB.

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