Masaryk a náboženství

Published: 2012
Pages: 210
Format: 16 × 23 cm
Binding: paperback
Subject: philosophy and religion
ISBN: 978-80-210-5984-9

Sedm zastavení k 75. výročí úmrtí TGM

Miloš Dokulil

Prof. M. Dokulil's monograph “Masaryk a náboženství” (Masaryk and religion) introduces an admirable abundance of ideas. Thanks to his extraordinary philosophical, sociological, historical, politological, theological, and literary knowledge, the author’s approach to Masaryk’s work is completely original. He not only wants to analyse Masaryk, he also talks about how Masaryk speaks to him personally and how he can speak to contemporary society. He always follows the historical background up to the present and he explains his urgent appeals to his contemporaries. Although the publication was prepared in course of twenty years, it is not a rubble of ideas, it is a consistent volume. The introduction, seven chapters and the conclusion are readable and challenging at the same time. The quality of the monograph is so high that it should be read not only by professionals but also by general public. It brings compelling evidence that T. G. Masaryk is not only a historical legend but also a source of inspiration in many respects – moral in particular – for today’s Czech society.