Základy fylogenetické analýzy

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Published: 2014
Pages: 289
Format: 16 × 23 cm
Bindings: paperback
Subject: biology, genetics
ISBN: 978-80-210-6363-1

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Essentials of Phylogenetic Analysis

Miloš Macholán

The book presents an overview and brief description of the most frequent methods of phylogenetic inference. It provides basic information on underlying assumptions of these methods, their advantages and disadvantages, and differences between them. The text is supposed to help readers to make informed decisions in choosing an optimal approach for solving a given problem and for a given type of data as well as in correct interpretation of results. The book begins with an overview of the types of data for phylogenetic analysis, databases and sequence alignment, followed by methods of parsimony, evolutionary models, distance methods, likelihood, Bayesian inference, testing hypotheses, and comparing phylogenies. A separate chapter is focused on phylogenetic methods based on morphological data. The final part deals with the theory of coalescent which is essential for an array of population genetic analyses including new approaches to phylogeography.

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