Publish: 2009
Pages: 894
Format: 24 × 28 cm
Binding: hardback
Subject: genetics
ISBN: 978-80-210-4852-2

Nová vysokoškolská učebnice genetiky po 30 letech na trhu

D. Peter Snustad a Michael J. Simmons

We have tried to create a text that can be adapted to different course formats. Many instructors prefer to present the topics in much the same way as we have, starting with classical genetics, progressing into molecular genetics, and finishing with quantitative, population, and evolutionary genetics. However this text is constructed so that teachers can present topics in different orders. They may, for example, begin with basic molecular genetics (Chapters 9–14), then present classical genetics (Chapters 3–8), progress to more advanced topics in molecular genetics (Chapters 15–22), and finish the course with quantitative, population, and evolutionary genetics (Chapters 23–25). The Czech edition comprises the new translation of Mendel’s revelatory paper Experiments on Plant Hybridization from 1866.

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