Gemstones of Ancient Anatolia, the Dodecanese and Cyprus

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Published: 2024
Pages: 276
Format: 21 × 30 cm
Binding: hardback
Subject: Archaeology, Geology, History
ISBN: 978-80-280-0354-8

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Ivan Mrázek

Ivan Mrázek's new book is a loose continuation (part 2) of the successful book The Precious Stones of Ancient Civilizations, which only included the "main" civilizations of the world. Equally remarkable are the civilizations and cultures of Anatolia, the Dodecanese, and Cyprus. The territory, representing a "bridge" between East and West, has always been a vibrant crossroads of land and sea routes of long-distance trade, a confluence of civilizational currents that brought new cultural and technological stimuli that influenced and intertwined each other. Since time immemorial, precious stones have been highly sought after, highly valued symbols of beauty, rarity, wealth and power. Through them, we get a glimpse into an exposed area that has played a significant role in human history.

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