Ekonomie náboženství a náboženství v postkomunistické Evropě

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Published: 2018
Pages: 160
Format: 17 × 24 cm
Binding: Paperback
978-80-210-9125-2 (e-book)

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Economics of religion and religion in post-communist Europe

Pavol Minárik

“This book opens new horizons for the reader and I dare to say that the text should be a mandatory reading not only for every economist who deals with public and non-profit sector economics, but also for those who doubt the possibilities of economics to cope with such abstract and complex phenomena as faith and religion. After reading the book, most readers will probably agree with one of the author's final statements: … However strange this may seem from the Czech perspective; the contemporary world is a religious world and that is unlikely to change in the near future. The study of religion is therefore at least as relevant as in the past, and with regard to the loss of personal experience with the importance of religion in our society, perhaps even more so. I would like to note that with his book the author made a significant contribution to this research, at least in the Czech context.”
Doc. Ing. Vladimír Hyánek, Ph.D. (from peer-review)

The author Pavol Minárik is a lecturer of economics at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem and at the CEVRO institute in Prague. He specializes in institutional economy and religion in communist and post-communist era. 

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