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About us

Masaryk University Press is one of the largest academic and specialist publishers in the Czech Republic. We publish over 300 titles of scientific and popular educational literature as well as 54 academic journals annually. We serve both as the primary publisher of academic outputs of the Masaryk University and as a producer of books by independent domestic and foreign authors not directly related to the university. We specialize in scientific and professional literature, from purely academic to popular science non-fiction books. All manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed thoroughly so we guarantee their professional quality and credibility.

Our mission is to make open to the public the research results and scientific findings from the university, to help to enhance the prestige of the university in the professional community and in the society at large, to maintain the quality and credibility of academic publications, and to build partnerships between publishers – especially from academia – at the international level.

We coordinate diverse publishing activities at the university

The authors working at the university submit their manuscripts to the editorial boards at their faculties. The publishing plans of individual faculties are subsequently approved by the university a publishing plan of its own which mainly consists of non-fiction titles aimed at the wider public. All the university books we publish carry the university ISBN and the ‘Munipress’ logo on the back and on the back cover.

Náš tým

Ředitelka nakladatelství

PhDr. Alena Mizerová
Funkce ředitelka nakladatelství
Telefon (+420) 549 49 1170
E-mail mizerova(at)press.muni.cz


PhDr. Lea Novotná
Funkce zástupkyně ředitelky, odborná redaktorka, redakce časopisů, agenda DOI
Telefon (+420)  549 49 6140
E-mail l.novotna(at)press.muni.cz
Mgr. Lenka Brodecká
Funkce odborná redaktorka, agenda ISBN pro PrF, FSS, ESF a PřF
Telefon (+420)  549 49 3372
E-mail brodecka(at)press.muni.cz
Mgr. Radka Vyskočilová
Funkce odborná redaktorka, agenda ISBN pro FF, LF, PedF, FSpS a FI
Telefon (+420)  549 49 5263
E-mail radkavys(at)press.muni.cz
Mgr. Radek Gomola
Funkce redaktor se zaměřením na e-publikování, IT podpora, webmaster
Telefon (+420)  549 49 5238
E-mail gomola(at)press.muni.cz

Marketing a distribuce

Mgr. Martina Tlachová
Funkce manažerka marketingu a PR, tajemnice redakce
Telefon (+420)  549 49 4116
E-mail tlachova(at)press.muni.cz
Alena Rokosová
Pozor: Momentálně je kolegyně na nemocenské. Úřad spravuje Mgr. Martina Tlachová.
Funkce referentka obchodu a distribuce
Telefon (+420)  549 49 4617
E-mail rokosova(at)press.muni.cz

Další pracovníci

RNDr. Marta Dočkalová, Ph.D.
Funkce redakce revue Universitas
Telefon (+420)  549 49 8539
E-mail dockalova(at)press.muni.cz

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