Selection from the forthcoming books

selected by the editors

  • Hodnoty a postoje v České republice 1991–2017. Pramenná publikace European Value Study

    Hodnoty a postoje v České republice 1991–2017. Pramenná publikace European Value Study

    Ladislav Rabušic, Beatrice Chromková Manea

    Title in English: Values and attitudes in the Czech Republic 1991-2017. Sourcebook European Value Study
    The present publication Values ​​and attitudes in the Czech Republic 1991-2017, with its content and form, outweighs the experience readers have with social science literature. The unique feature of this book is that it contains only numbers. However, these numbers are, in our opinion, very important. They indicate the development of Czech society from the early 1990s to the present in the sphere of attitudes, value orientation and preference. These numbers are also unique because they come from a series of repeated surveys that took place in the Czech Republic as part of a large-scale international comparative project  - the European Values ​​Study (EVS). The study is based on regular data collection  - time intervals of about nine years, when the same research is repeated on a representative sample of the Czech population, so it gathers data that creates time series. They allow researchers and scholars to study how certain value preferences and attitudes are developing in the Czech Republic, check various assumptions and hypotheses, and draw conclusions.

    To be published in March 2018. 

  • Interkulturní mediace v sociologickém a právním kontextu

    Interkulturní mediace v sociologickém a právním kontextu

    Miloš Večeřa, Martina Urbanová, Katarína Rusinková, Klára Brožovičová, Robin Brzobohatý

    Title in English: Intercultural mediation in a sociological and legal context.
    The work deals with exploring and evaluating selected aspects of intercultural mediation as a preventive process and tools to resolve conflicts caused by cultural diversity. The autors worked with the concept intercultural or intersocial mediation, as defined in western countries, where that the intervention of a third party (a trained mediator). The intercultural mediation in the Czech Republic might be the solution which can dramatically reduce the unlawful behaviour arising from the coexistence of different social and cultural groups, to unload the burden from the judiciary and to promote inclusive civil society.

    To be published in March 2018.

  • Vězeň to má spočítané. Lekce z teorie her

    Vězeň to má spočítané. Lekce z teorie her


    Vyplatí se být solidární, nebo zrazovat? Dokážete ze společného talíře jíst jen do polosyta? Spoříte si na důchod? Má smysl odpouštět? Kolik mají nevěrnice vnoučat? Kráčí evoluce kupředu? První svazek populárněvědné edice Munice nabízí nevšední vhled do interdisciplinárního oboru teorie her. Zaměřuje se na jeden z jejích nejzajímavějších problémů: vězňovo dilema. Jeho principy vysvětluje svěžím tempem i tónem, s pomocí mnoha originálních obrázků a schémat.

    Vyjde během roku 2018.

  • Pohybová aktivita a tělesná kultura pohledem evoluční ontologie

    Pohybová aktivita a tělesná kultura pohledem evoluční ontologie


    Title in English: Movement Activity and Physical Culture from Evolutionary-ontological Perspective
    Evolutionary ontology claims that culture as an open dynamic system destructs system of nature (biosphere) which is wider and older than culture. Culture must gain its energy, space and matter only through destruction and destabilisation of biosphere. The very existence of humankind (and of culture too) is threatened by successful evolution of sociocultural system. Personal activity of man so can be seen as participation on escatation of conflict between nature and culture. The flow of energy, matter and information is just mediated by human aktivity. Therefore we can understand to intentional activities of man in culture as artificial culturaly oriented processes, which are components of “autopoietic” metabolism of culture that is now highly destructive for nature and society. Aim of this monograph is thus present evolutionary ontology as fruitful theoretical point of view in the field of philosophy of sport. Author reflects on activities of man and its distinctive forms – physical training and sport exercising. He analyzes sociocultural system of physical culture, searchs for its function (identity) and its relations to culture, nature and human. Text is focused mainly on sociocultural orientation of human activities. Its autor also outlines where these activities should be oriented from the evolutionary ontological point of view.  

    To be published in May 2018.

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