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Historie osnovy Občanského zákoníku z roku 1937. K 80. výročí jedné neuskutečněné rekodifikace

Pavel Salák

In the spring of 1937, the legislative process for the draft civil code, so called Draft 1937, begun. Due to the political situation, this civil code was never enacted, but it became an source of inspiration for the Civil Code of 2012, so the Draft 1937 is still a live topic. However, there are many problems that are not analyzed properly, and some misguiding information. The publication is aimed at reminding the 80th anniversary of the origin of the Draft 1937 and pointing out the possibilities of research in the history of law and the civil law.

To be published in December 2017.

Voice of the Locality: Local Media and Local Audience

Lenka Waschková Císařová (ed.)

The publication is focused on the topic of local media that is often neglected in the field of media studies. The main points of view are the analysis of local audiences and the characteristics of the relationship between local media and local audiences. The international group of nineteen authors maps the specifics of the functioning of local media and, more generally, local communication in different (mainly European) states.

To be published in December 2017. 

Vězeň to má spočítané. Lekce z teorie her

David Kruml

Vyplatí se být solidární, nebo zrazovat? Dokážete ze společného talíře jíst jen do polosyta? Spoříte si na důchod? Má smysl odpouštět? Kolik mají nevěrnice vnoučat? Kráčí evoluce kupředu? První svazek populárněvědné edice Munice nabízí nevšední vhled do interdisciplinárního oboru teorie her. Zaměřuje se na jeden z jejích nejzajímavějších problémů: vězňovo dilema. Jeho principy vysvětluje svěžím tempem i tónem, s pomocí mnoha originálních obrázků a schémat.

To be published in February 2018.

Values and attitudes in the Czech Republic 1991-2017. Sourcebook European Value Study

Ladislav Rabušic, Beatrice Chromková Manea

The present publication Values ​​and attitudes in the Czech Republic 1991-2017, with its content and form, outweighs the experience readers have with social science literature. The unique feature of this book is that it contains only numbers. However, these numbers are, in our opinion, very important. They indicate the development of Czech society from the early 1990s to the present in the sphere of attitudes, value orientation and preference. These numbers are also unique because they come from a series of repeated surveys that took place in the Czech Republic as part of a large-scale international comparative project  - the European Values ​​Study (EVS). The study is based on regular data collection  - time intervals of about nine years, when the same research is repeated on a representative sample of the Czech population, so it gathers data that creates time series. They allow researchers and scholars to study how certain value preferences and attitudes are developing in the Czech Republic, check various assumptions and hypotheses, and draw conclusions.

To be published in March 2018.

Children for Lidice. International Children‘s Exhibition of Fine Arts, Lidice

Hana Stadlerová, Pavla Novotná, Eva Kaličínská

The monograph is devoted to the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts, Lidice. Its history ranks this exhibition among the most extensive and longest exhibitions of children’s works in the world context. A rich archive containing historical documents, samples of the works of children from all over the world and other resources made it possible, in the years 2016–2017, to carry qualitative research, which enabled us to name the starting points of the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts, Lidice, to learn about the history of the exhibition, about its organization, as well as about the unique features that an international confrontation of children’s work brings about. Therefore we were able to define the legacy and contemporary role of this exhibition, and to point at its contribution to the teaching practice in the field of Fine Arts both in this country and abroad. The text of the monograph is accompanied by rich visual documentation, which illustrates the breadth of children’s work as well as the topic researched.

To be published in February 2018.

The Portáš Corps. History and Tradition

Daniel Drápala

Moravia and Silesia between 1638 and 1830. In addition to the history of the portáš corps, the circumstances of its establishment and other sub-themes, the author focuses on social aspects (socio-economic affiliation, social security instruments), links to the human environment (clothing, verb). Although the active portal service was terminated in 1830, the survival the portáš corps in local and regional verbal traditions and the influence on the formation of some elements of local and regional identity can be identified in subsequent years. The theme was also attractive for renowned artists, through which it became known for the choir to a wider awareness. In addition, a group of men from Valašská Bystřice and the current Wallachian Portáš Corps were devoted to the targeted cultivation of the land portals. All these topics are elaborated in the printed monograph and supplemented with rich visual material and map attachments.

To be published in February 2018.

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