List of journals

Masaryk University publishes 54 scientific journals. All the details including contacts of the editorial boards are available at


Annales Psychologici

The journal Annales psychologici (ISSN 2336-4939), which ended publishing with last issue 2/2015, published basic and applied research studies, reviews, papers from conferences, theoretical and opinion articles from all areas of psychology, reviews of newly published psychological publications and news from the field may also be published. The journal is issued twice a year. [In 2012 and 2013, the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, published the journal Klinická psychologie a osobnost, ISSN 1805-6393. Since 2014 it has returned to the tradition of the journal Annales psychologici, ISSN 1211-3522 (= Sborník prací filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity, řada P, psychologická = Studia minora facultatis philosophicae universitatis Brunensis, Series P, psychologica) published between 1996-2010.]

Anthropologia integra

Anthropologia integra is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes the results of scientific research, original methods, essays, reviews and notices from the field of general (biological-socio-cultural) anthropology and related disciplines. The journal is published twice and was first issued in 2010. 

Anthropologia integra is listed in the following databases: Seznam recenzovaných neimpaktovaných periodik vydávaných v ČRERIH PLUSEBSCO.

Archaeologia historica

Archaeologia historica is a prestigious peer-reviewed professional journal publishing original studies focused on medieval archaeology and related branches. In the sections Zprávy (Reports) and Kronika (Chronicle) it informs in brief about new publications, conferences, exhibitions and significant personalities. The journal, originally periodical proceedings of national and international conferences on medieval archaeology, was established in 1975 under the auspices of the Museum and Local History Society in Brno.

The journal is listed in the following databases: Seznam recenzovaných neimpaktovaných periodik vydávaných v ČRUlrich's web Global Serials Directory, EBSCOSCOPUS.

Archivum Mathematicum

Archivum mathematicum is a mathematical journal which publishes exclusively scientific mathematical papers. The journal, founded in 1965, is published by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.

A review of each published paper appears in Mathematical Reviews and also in Zentralblatt MATH. The journal is indexed by Scopus.


Bohemica litteraria

Bohemica litteraria is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes original contributions to the field of Czech literature studies. The journal focuses on a wide range of topics within Czech literature studies, related to literary theory, history and criticism, comparative literature, didactics, cultural and adaptation studies, and others. The journal publishes peer-reviewed studies as well as interviews, reviews of scholarly publications, and reports of significant events in the field and at the Department of Czech Literature and Library Studies.

Since 2009 the journal has been issued twice a year by Masaryk University (Faculty of Arts, Department of Czech Literature and Library Studies), Brno, Czech Republic.

Brno Studies in English

Brno Studies in English (BSE) is an open, peer reviewed international journal publishing articles from the fields of English and American studies.

Ever since its establishment in 1959, Brno Studies in English has been among the leading linguistics journals in Central Europe.

The journal publishes original research in English studies, namely linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, and translation. The journal is open to submissions from scholars all over the world. Please note that the preferred papers should deal with issues related to English language and Anglophone contexts, i.e. the journal does not, for instance, normally publish papers in general linguistics and on non-Anglophone literatures.

Brünner Beiträge zur Germanistik und Nordistik

Brünner Beiträge zur Germanistik und Nordistik is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishing original articles in the fields of German, Dutch and Nordic linguistics, literatures and culture studies. The journal accepts contributions in German, English, Dutch and Nordic languages.

Brünner Beiträge zur Germanistik und Nordistik has been issued twice a year by Masaryk University (Department of German, Scandinavian and Netherland Studies of the Faculty of Arts), Brno, Czech Republic, since 2009.

Brünner Hefte zu Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Brünner Hefte zu Deutsch als Fremdsprache je základní publikací pro všechny, kteří chtějí prostřednictvím němčiny jako cizího jazyka pracovat ve vědecké sféře, přes různé aspekty její činnosti a zároveň se učit základy didaktických, kulturních nebo literárních dovedností.


Central European Journal of Management

The Central European Journal of Management is a scientific review journal which has been published biannually by Masaryk University in Brno since 2014. It publishes theoretical works, the results of research activities and practical applications, reviews and consultations. The publication is aimed at the issue of management in general, behavioural aspects of management and quantitative applications in management. Geographically, the journal focuses on Central Europe. Journal is indexed in Index Copernicus, BASE, EconBiz.

Convivium: Exchanges and Interactions in the Arts of Medieval Europe, Byzantium, and the Mediterranean

Convivium is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal published in cooperation of three institutions: Center for Early Medieval Studies of Masaryk University (at the Department of the History of Art, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University), Academy of Science of the Czech Republic and University of Lausanne. Its editorial and the organizing committee include Czech, Italian, Swiss, and American scholars. The journal Convivium publishes original papers from the field of medieval art history.

Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace

The 'Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace' is a web-based, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. The first peer-reviewed issue was published in September 2007. The journal is focussed on social science research about cyberspace. It brings psychosocial reflections of the impact of the Internet on people and society. The journal is interdisciplinary, publishing works written by scholars of psychology, media studies, sociology, political science, nursing, and also other disciplines.

Czech-Polish historical and pedagogical journal

The Czech-Polish Historical and Pedagogical Journal publishes results of the research project ISSN 1803-6546, MK ČR E 19444. 
The journal has been published since 2009. 
The journal has been published twice a year. 
It is a peer-reviewed specialized journal. 
The publisher of the journal is the Masaryk University and its Faculty of Education which prepares future primary school teachers.

Czech Journal of Tourism

Czech Journal of Tourism is a peer-reviewed scientific journal primary focuses on research articles and studies reflected theoretical knowledge and scientific findings. The journal takes an interdisciplinary approach and therefore includes economic, environmental, ethic, cognitive, managerial, political and special aspects of tourism.

The aim of the journal is to encourage exchange of knowledge and experience in field of tourism and so strengthen the position of tourism as a scientific discipline. Regarding this the ambition is to be on the list of the worldwide accepted scientific journals. 

Czech Polar Reports

Czech Polar Reports is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal. It is issued 2 times a year. The journal is dedicated to provide original research papers for sciences related to the polar regions and other planets with polar analogues.

Časopis pro právní vědu a praxi (The Journal of Jurisprudence and Legal)

The Journal of Jurisprudence and Legal Practice has been issued by the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University since 1993. It is a scientific juridical journal focused on publication of original scientific texts dealing with law and jurisprudence (section "Essays"), texts dealing with practical aspects of law (section "Current news for legal practice) and also with information on scholarly life and critiques. The journal is issued quarterly and all of the texts are reviewed (the review form is available on the website).


Discourse and Interaction

Discourse and Interaction is a peer-reviewed linguistics journal founded in 2008. The journal is committed to present the outcomes of current research into aspects of negotiation of meaning in language and related stylistic and socio-pragmatic variation. The study of discourse and interaction is understood as research into language with relevance to real-world problems and its aim is to reveal the stylistic diversity, non-homogeneity, and socio-pragmatic variety of language as these should be reflected in the teaching of English in academic settings.


Études romanes de Brno

Études romanes de Brno (abbreviated as ERB) is a prestigious international scholarly peer-reviewed journal publishing original papers focused on Romance languages and literatures.

In every issue there are different sections, the section “Dossier thématique” contains thematically linked papers on specific aspects of Romance languages linguistics or Romance literatures, the section “Études” includes original papers that are not necessarily thematically linked and the section “Comptes rendus” contains reviews on recent books that belong to the scope of interest of the journal. Articles in “Dossier thématique“ and “Études“ are peer-reviewed.


Financial Assets and Investing

The journal Financial Assets and Investing is a reviewed scientific journal which has been issued three times per year since 2010 by Masaryk University. Its aim is to present new findings in the fields of financial markets, banking, insurance, accounting and regulatory framework.

It is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.


Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku (Geological research in Moravia and Silesia)

The journal "Geological research in Moravia and Silesia - GVMS" publishes primary field data and their interpretations. GVMS is peer-reviewed journal registered in the national database for science and research and published articles are respectfull scientific output. Importance of the journal is based on well processed field data and facts. The journal is accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS by decision of the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). 

Graeco-Latina Brunensia

Graeco-Latina Brunensia,  published since 2009, is a continuation of the separate Series classica (N) of Studia minora facultatis philosophicae universitatis Brunensis,  which was published since 1996 under the title Graeco-Latina Brunensia . Before that, Series archeologico-classica (E) was published from 1956 to 1995.



The bilingual newsletter INTERFACE has been published by the Technology Transfer Office of the Masaryk University since 2007. INTERFACE presents topics from the areas of technology and knowledge transfer, practical application of research results or successful academic business activities. Every issue includes interviews with scientists and representatives of both MU and the companies which the university cooperates with. Furthermore, the newsletter provides information on new technologies developed at MU, articles about events held by our office or overviews of patents and industrial designs obtained by the university.



Časopis Komenský založil v roce 1873 v Olomouci moravský středoškolský profesor, etnograf a spisovatel Jan Havelka. Od roku 1992 se jeho vydavatelem stala Pedagogická fakulta Masarykovy univerzity. Je nejstarším pedagogickým periodikem v České republice.

Časopis Komenský je určen především učitelům základních škol, studentům učitelství a blízkých oborů, ale také široké veřejnosti, která má zájem o problematiku vzdělávání.

Časopis Komenský přináší odborné články zprostředkovávající výsledky pedagogických výzkumů, zkušenosti a náměty z praxe, reportáže (nejen) ze škol, návrhy alterací autentických výukových situací, recenze českých i zahraničních publikací a řadu dalších postřehů a glos souvisejících s edukační realitou. Časopis tak poskytuje prostor pro prezentaci kvalitních odborných příspěvků, podporuje výměnu zkušeností mezi učiteli z praxe a vytváří platformu k diskusi široké veřejnosti k současným problémům české školy.


Linguistica Brunensia

The journal focuses on general linguistics and related branches (incl. etymology, glottochronology and Baltic & Slavonic languages from the view of general linguistics).

Linguistica ONLINE

Linguistica ONLINE (LingON) is an international refereed electronic journal founded by the Department of Linguistics and Baltic Languages, Masaryk University, Czech Republic. The e-journal is dedicated to publishing and republishing papers dealing with all kinds of linguistic problems.


Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology

Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology (ISSN on-line 1802-5951, ISSN printed 1802-5943) is a peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes original articles in the field of information and communication technology law. All submissions should deal with phenomena related to law in modern technologies (e.g. privacy and data protection, intellectual property, biotechnologies, cyber security and cyber warfare, energy law). We prefer submissions dealing with contemporary issues.

Museologica Brunensia

Museologica Brunensia (ISSN 1805-4722, e-ISSN 464-5362) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original scientific works in the field of museology and museum environment from central Europe and other areas as well. Reviews of exhibitions, information about activities in this field and other topics are part of this journal. The aim is to present museology as a modern scientific discipline with application into museums. The journal is published by the Faculty of Arts and Mendel Museum at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. It is issued twice a year.

Musicologica Brunensia

Musicologica Brunensia is a reviewed scholarly journal, published twice a year by Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. It welcomes contributions in Musicology and related disciplines. The journal has been published since 1966. It is a continuation of Series musicologica (H) of  Studia minora facultatis philosophicae universitatis Brunensis.


Národohospodářský obzor (Review of Economic Perspectives)

Review of Economic Perspectives is a peer-reviewed scientific quarterly focused on issues in economic policy, economics and econometrics that have practical relevance for economic policy of Central and Eastern European countries. The articles are published in English, and both in print and online versions. The published articles are freely accessible at these websites and also at our partner publisher De Gruyter. The journal has been published by the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic since 2001. It has continued the tradition of Obzor národohospodářský, a Czech economic journal, first issue of which was published in 1895.

Новая русистика (Nová rusistika)

Новая русистика is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishing special contributions dealing with Russian philological and area studies.
The journal advances and cultivates Russian philological and area studies, creating a space for the presentation of new knowledge and new methodological approaches.


Opera Slavica

The main purpose of the journal is to make a broad communication platform covering all Slavic languages and literatures for researching Slavic philology with overlaps to translatology, cultural studies, and many other humanities and social sciences, and to cultivate main topics and new methodological approaches in the area of European Slavonic Studies. The Reviews section systematically monitors and critically reviews the relevant works of linguistic and literary Slavic Studies.

Opuscula historiae artium

Opuscula Historiae Artium is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published bianually by the Art History Department, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. It welcomes contributions in the field of history of art and related disciplines. The journal, published since 1996, is a continuation of Series historiae artium (H) of Studia minora facultatis philosophicae universitatis Brunensis. The journal is included in SCOPUS and ERIH PLUS databases.


Pedagogická orientace (Journal of the Czech Pedagogical Society)

Pedagogická orientace (ISSN 1211-4669  print; ISSN 1805-9511 on-line)  is a peer reviewed scholarly journal which aims to support the development of pedagogical thinking. It comprises articles on current issues in theory and practice in education, curriculum and instruction, educational psychology, educational research, educational policy and teacher education. The Journal provides a forum for distinguished authors as well as young researchers from within the Czech Pedagogical Society as well as from outside.

Politologický časopis (Czech Journal of Political Science)

The journal provides a representative platform for presentation of the outcomes of the original political science research and thus significantly contributes to the constitution of political science as a scholarly discipline and to its establishment among other social sciences. The journal features studies, articles, review essays, discussions, reviews and information on the events in the political science community. The texts may be submitted in English language. The topics cover the areas of political philosophy and theory, comparative political science, political sociology, policy analysis, European studies, international relations and security studies.


Electronic journal of philosophy Pro-Fil is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes articles addressing a whole range of philosophical topics as well as contributions from natural sciences focusing on philosophically relevant issues. We welcome original papers, reviews, polemics, interviews, abstracts, announcements, audio and video recordings of lectures as well as instructional and educational materials in Czech, English, and German.


ProInflow is a peer-reviewed journal. It is focused on the field of information sciences. The journal is primarily designed for authors and readers interested in the area of information science. ProInflow is included in The Registry of peer-reviewed periodicals, which is managed by The Research and Development Council of the Czech Republic. The journal was founded in 2009 by the Division of Information and Library Studies at the Masaryk University in Brno. ProInflow is published twice a year (regularly in March and in September).


The Psychotherapy Journal seeks to enhance the development of psychotherapy as a scientific and evidence-based human activity and profession. One of its goals is to keep a balance between evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. The Journal creates a space for dialogue among representatives of psychotherapy theory, clinical practice, and research.


Religio: Revue pro religionistiku

Religio: Revue pro religionistiku is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal for the academic study of religions published twice a year by the Czech Association for the Study of Religions in cooperation with the Department for the Study of Religions , Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic. The journal was founded in 1993 and since then, it has established itself as an important forum in the academic study of religions. Several leading scholars in the study of religions have published in the journal, including Peter Antes, Martin Baumann, Luther H. Martin, Hubert Seiwert, Kocku von Stuckrad, Jacques Waardenburg, Donald Wiebe and Harvey Whitehouse.

Revue pro právo a technologie

Revue pro právo a technologie, jejíž první číslo vyšlo 1. 11. 2010, je recenzovaným odborným časopisem, který je zaměřen na technologické obory práva a právní vědy. Dominantními obory tak jsou právo informačních a komunikačních technologií, právní informatika a dále pak speciální obory technologického práva jako energetické právo, právo specifické produkce aj.
Časopis je od 1. 1. 2015 zařazen na Seznam recenzovaných neimpaktovaných periodik vydávaných v ČR a od 24. 6. 2015 byl zařazen do databáze ERIH PLUS.



Sacra is a peer-reviewed academic journal for the Study of Religions which is published by Sacra, a non-profit organization of Masaryk University Press, Brno (Czech Republic). The aim of our organization is to publish students` scholarly texts in the Study of Religions and to spread awareness about exceptional students` work not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also from other countries in the world. Thanks to this project, students have a unique opportunity to improve their academic skills. Sacra was founded in 2003. It is published twice a year.

Sborník prací PdF MU - řada společenských věd

Časopis publikuje nejnovější výsledky bádání v oblasti dějin středověku a novověku, didaktiky dějepisu a křesťanské výchovy.
Časopis vychází od roku 1959.
Časopis vychází 2x ročně.
Časopis je recenzovaným odborným časopisem.
Vydavatelem časopisu je Masarykova univerzita a její pedagogická fakulta, která připravuje budoucí učitele základních škol.

Slavica Litteraria

Slavica litteraria is a peer reviewed scholarly journal publishing original articles in the field of Slavonic literary studies, comparative literary studies and area studies with the orientation on Slavonic studies. The function of the journal is the development and the cultivation of the research Slavonic literatures which would create the space for the presentation of new knowledge and new methodological streams and for the scholarly permeability between philological and other humanities in accordance with rich traditions and contemporary range and depth of Brno Slavonic studies.

Since 2008 the journal has been issued twice a year by Masaryk University (Faculty of Arts).

Sociální studia (Social Studies)

Established in 2004, Social Studies is an academic peer-reviewed journal published by Masaryk University. Although it is aimed at a sociological readership, its orientation is pluralistic and interdisciplinary. It accepts sociologically informed and relevant contributions by scholars in other fields of the social sciences and humanities (anthropology, ethnology, history, philosophy, political science).

Středoevropské politické studie (Central European Political Studies Review)

The on-line peer-reviewed quarterly “Central European Political Studies Review” is a scholarly journal focused on modern politics in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), including its Europe-wide or international context and ramifications. The journal was founded in 1999.

We combine geographical focus on CEE with special attention to the sub-fields of comparative political science, foreign and security policy, and political theory.

Studia archaeologica Brunensia

Studia archaeologica Brunensia is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original scientific papers which are primarily focused on archaeology. The topics are not chronologically limited and may cover the whole time span from the Palaeolithic to Modern Times. From the point of view of geography, articles concerning Central Europe are preferred. However, this criterion is ignored in the case of innovative papers. The journal also publishes papers from related disciplines (the natural sciences and humanities) which deal with archaeological sources, such as anthropology, osteology, archaeobotany, petrography, and religious studies. Also accepted are reviews of archaeological publications and shorter reports on archaeological events.

Studia historica Brunensia

Studia historica Brunensia is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. It was established to publish contributions from the fields of Czech and general history, as well as from auxiliary historical sciences and the history of administration. It places emphasis on the authenticity and originality of the contributions which are published. It provides space for publications by established academics as well as by authors who are at the start of their academic careers.

The journal is published by Masaryk University (Department of History, Faculty of Arts, MU). It has been published biannually since 2009.

Studia paedagogica

Studia Paedagogica publishes original papers on education, upbringing and learning from all spheres of social life. The papers are theoretical, but mainly empirical as the journal publishes research undertaken in the Czech Republic and abroad. The journal publishes only original research papers and is open to both experienced and early researchers. Early researchers can publish their papers in the section Emerging Researchers of the journal and are offered intensive editorial support.

The journal is interdisciplinary - it covers current topics in educational research while at the same time providing scope for studies grounded in other social sciences. The journal publishes four issues per year, two issues are dedicated to general interest articles and are in Czech, two issues are on a single topic and are in English.

Studia philosophica

STUDIA PHILOSOPHICA is a peer reviewed scholarly journal which publishes original articles and translations in a wide range of areas (metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, history of philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophy of religion, philosophy of nature and related disciplines), information about life in the philosophical community and reviews of new and reissued books. 

The journal has been published by Masaryk University (Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University) since 2009. It is issued twice a year.

Studia Sportiva

Studia Sportiva Is the research journal of the Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University, published since 2007.



TESTFÓRUM je recenzovaný odborný časopis vydávaný od roku 2010 pracovní skupinou při Českomoravské psychologické společnosti a Katedrou psychologie Fakulty sociálních studií Masarykovy univerzity (ISSN 1805-9147). V současnosti vychází dvakrát ročně.

Věnuje se exluzivně teorii a praxi psychodiagnostiky, otázkám kvality testů a dotazníků, teoretickým i praktickým otázkám psychometriky a i širším odborným debatám na tato témata.

Každé číslo časopisu je vždy věnované konkrétní skupině testových nebo dotazníkových metod. Jádro čísla časopisu je tvořeno několika recenzemi metod, které budou doprovázeny články obecnějšího charakteru věnujícími se širším souvislostem používání diskutovaných metod. Odborné příspěvky jsou v anonymním procesu recenzované dvěma nezávislými recenzenty, diskuzní příspěvky procházejí pouze interním recenzním řízením.


Theatralia, the Revue of Contemporary Thought on Theatre Culture (ISSN 1803-845X) is peer-reviewed scholarly journal issued by the Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno. The aim of the journal is to map theatre in its varied language and generic forms regardless of time and territory. A new issue is out twice a year


Universitas - revue Masarykovy univerzity

Revue Universitas začala svou existenci v roce 1968 (1. číslo je datováno do března) a ukončila v roce 2017 (poslední číslo vyšlo v dubnu). Její vznik je spjat mj. se jménem prof. (tehdy ještě doc.) Lubomíra Nového, který se podílel na přípravě její koncepce. Opravňovalo ho k tomu i to, že byl v letech 1958-1967 předsedou redakční rady časopisu "U". Úkolem Universitas podle záměru redakce mělo být informovat o nejdůležitějších událostech na univerzitě, o publikační činnosti, důležitých konferencích, kontaktech se zahraničím aj. Vedle tohoto informačního cíle měla Universitas věnovat důležitou část každého čísla teoretickým studiím, které mají vztah k interdisciplinárním a metavědeckým problémům a k sociologii a dějinám vědy. (Výtah ze shrnutí programového článku 1968/1).

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